Apr 09

Newnan Georgia’s Plant Yates on list of Hazardous Coal Ash Sites

By Torey

I came across this article a few months ago, and tried to get our local newspaper to reprint the article (to no avail). I live 4 miles from Plant Yates, which also happens to sit on the Coweta County side of the Chattahoochee River.

The article details that Newnan’s Plant Yates has been added to 140 sites across the U.S, where Coal Ash from the Power Plants have contaminated the ground drinking water. The contamination is above the primary Safe Drinking Water Act maximum limits.

The article contends that Coal Ash is a byproduct of producing electricity. Coal Ash “contains arsenic, selenium, lead, cadmium and mercury”.

Clearly I’m concerned as a regular citizen, but even more so now, that I’ve taken up the prepping lifestyle.

Read Article here.


  1. CJ

    Im a Georgia Power Employee, I work at plant Bowen in Cartersville and live about 3 miles from the plant. The environmental regulations on these plants are so strict that most of what comes out of these plants is cleaner than what goes in, and the ash is caught and contained and never goes anywhere near the drinking water.

    The ash does contain those byproducts though so if there ever was a catastrophe I would be wary, but barring a full on bombing of the plant you have very little to worry about.

  2. craig

    Just be careful and look at where this info is coming from. A majority of these power companies are mired in heavy enviro regulation and a majority of power companies usually jump the gun and go beyond the minimum regs just to be pro active and create a positive image to their local customer base. Dont get too hungup on hollywood movies, and theglobal warming crowd on how the big bad corporation are poisoning the earth yes it happens but not all. Remember you might get what you ask for by the overzealous tree hugger crowd and end up with higher utility rates in the end. I dont believe in villafying industry, it put s the food on the table for many of us, while much of our industry has been exported to other countries. This is not the 1940s &50s we come a long way in cleaning up but also paid theprice of overregulation by many industries going overseas.

  3. c

    I work near plant Yates and i have a uncle that works in plant Yates. If it is so safe to be there, why does Ga Power make them wash their cars before they leave work. He has a old truck that he drives to work, the paint is gone off of it. He told me that it is from the ash that falls from the plant that ate the paint off his truck. They have a mountain of this ash they have piled up. It is sad that money can and will cover up the dangers of this type.

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