Apr 11

Prepping Ideas from a new Prepper!

by GeorgiaGiant82

I came across the prepping lifestyle while flipping through the television channels. I found the show “Doomsday Preppers” on the NatGeo channel and realized I needed to make some big changes in my life.

But starting out as a new prepper, I found that it can be over-whelming. There are so many different ideas and sources that you can get information. It can take a lot of research to find out what will work for you and your family.

I also found out that Prepping can be expensive (can be). I’ve stopped eating out so much, and spending money on things that I don’t really need. Now I put money back, look for sales, and also use coupons.

One idea, I actually got from my church. We have around 3000 members and years ago, we used to have a program that we called the “Dollar a Week Fund”. Basically, every member would give an extra dollar each week and that money was put into a church fund. One dollar isn’t a lot of money by itself, but $3000 a week from the whole church can make a serious dent into whatever you need the money for.

I thought about this the other day, and wondered “How can I apply that to my preps?”

What if I put back $20 a week (if possible), or decided to buy $X amount of can-goods a week? Or made it a goal to can 10 jars a week? That $20 a week would be $80/month. Those 10 jars a week would turn into 40 jars a month. You can then see how over several months or a years’ time… you could really save up.

I say all of this, because I realize there are a lot of people that don’t have extra money to spend these days. While there are people who spend thousands of dollars on food and prepping supplies I have found there are many ways to be frugal and still save what you need to continue your lifestyle.

With a little extra research, time and effort… you can prep within your budget. Don’t let it overwhelm you by any means. The best resource I have found is the American Preppers Network (APN). Not only will you find infinite amounts of information, but you will probably make some good friends along the way.

One other thing about prepping is this… Prepping can be fun. I try not to focus on the doom and gloom of the negative aspects of “Doomsday”, although I still prepare for them. I myself have had blood pressure problems for quite a while now, and I’ve noticed that when I go shop for my preps… I seem to relax a little more than usual. I chalk it up to knowing that I’m preparing myself. This is kind of like paying off a bill that has been looming over your head. You feel a little bit of relief.

If you’re just starting out, I hope this article helps you a little. Find what works best for you and your family and go from there.

God Bless and Happy Prepping!


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  1. Summer0311

    Our motto is “if you can’t eat it or shoot it, don’t buy it”. And you are so right about how a little at a time adds up. We had the same issue, wish we had started 20 years ago but when Obama was elected we knew we had to prepare for an unstable economic future. So one good thing came out of that election, the only one I know of, but we started prepping in November 2008. We did not start buying dehydrated and freeze dried items until we had 1 year stored of normal canned foods that we use plus rice, beans and pastas. Then we started adding fuel, hygiene, batteries, candles, vitamins, first aid, etc. We read the shelf life on everything we buy now and I rotate. Sardines and salmon have a tremendous shelf life grocery store items. Just a side note, I have always stored water even before I had heard the word prepper, but it does take a lot of space.

  2. becky

    I think of prepping as a hobby , I enjoy it. That way I dont mind the work its fun for me.

  3. Ben

    another good idea and one that saves a lot of money is learning to can food yourself. also planting a garden and canning or freeze drying the vegetables can be an inexpensive way to build up stocks. not only that, if you think about survival, short term in that situation really isn’t going to carry you. having canning jars and lids and the know how will keep you going for quite a while. buy up seeds and store them so that they can be used years ahead. also learning to make beef jerky.

    while you are at it pick up a few mylar emergency blankets. they can be used to reflect heat from a campfire to enable you to use less fire wood and get more heat from your campfire.

    Personally i’d love to find some property that survival camping could be done. take a group and survival camp on weekends or for a week at a time. Teach them to live off the land. as far as water goes. it can always be boiled or filtered. with the exception of a nuclear contamination. but nature still has ways of filtering water.

    Would be nice to have some local people around Ringgold ga to get together and hash out plans and put them into practice. I don’t think the world is going to end tomorrow but you can never be too prepared.

  4. jamond

    Just starting out need ideals on what I should start working on first

  5. kate francis

    Hi Georgia preppers i have some interesting news for you there is a petition on the white house web site for the research of cold fusion the petition needs a 100.000 votes i urge you to vote and spread the word this could be the future energy we need to starve off a global clapse you are a huge network and could help spread the word and inform people about this the world press is not running anything on it but it has only got 450 votes with the procedure ends 25th feb 2013 you have a chance to let the world learn about this science get voting and spreading the word you can vote online at the white houses web page heres the link


  6. Preppers Canyon

    I think you are completely right. To many people try to go outside their means to prep. There are so many ways that you can build up a supply of food, ammo, etc. whatever it may be that you need without going bankrupt. Prepping is so misconstrued by so many people. I prepare for different reasons then others. We all have our reasons. The point you have made here and it is a good one is that you do not need to be rich to be prepared. A little bit each week goes a long way. With some creative thinking you can make your money do a lot for you. Great article loved it.

  7. Tina N Newnan

    really good ideas in message and replies thanks to all. we (being my hubby n myself) are just starting out with prepping,10-2012 protection n ammo,still gathering it. but, began on food prep now!! so thanks for info n will check back for more great idea later thanks again…..

  8. Ylba

    I am a former Army Nurse and a new prepper. I also watched the program on TV and made me thing how much we take things for granted. It is overwhelming at times because there is so much to do. The first thing I decided to do was to buy a Food Dehydrator and learn to prepare meals in a Jar/ maylar bag. I go to the Farmers Market and made good friend with one of the vendors and she saves the produce that is still good but not for sale. I get it for free at times or for little money then go home and dehydrate them.The second thing was to start my own herbs and vegetable garden from seeds. And just got a compost bin at Home Depot and I am putting the yard clippings and all the leftover from the vegetable juicing. It is hard because it is just me, but it keeps me busy. I do not have a bug out plan but if there is a group in the south east of Atlanta area I would like to know.

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